Housing development prior to 1934

Staff of W.A. Beckly in 1926

Staff of W.A. Beckly, Builder in 1926. A. Slee, S. Ham, F. Slee, D. Slee, L. Slee, F. Slee, A. Roberts, Mr. Yeo.

Mr. W. Beckly of Hamsworthy was the main builder in Bradworthy up to 1930.

Very few new houses were built in the village during the first two decades of the century.

However, some shops were constructed and many old cottages were improved.

Mill road

The school house on Mill Road in the 1900's.

Between 1920 and 1930 W. Beckly built four new houses as grants became available.

Again, more cottages were improved and most thatched roofs were replaced with slate.

A number of farm buildings were also erected.

Staff of Beckly and Sons circa 1930

Staff of Beckly and Sons circa 1930. Back Row: W. Bond, H. Mills, W. Cann, G. Jones. Front Row: F. Beckly, C. Kinsman, C. Johns, W. Beckly, R. Jewell, W. Jennings.

Between 1930 and 1934 Becklys carried on with mainly restoration work.

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