Housing development since 1975

Ford Crescent

Ford Crescent in the early 1990's.

Since 1975 Alan Balsdon has built over seventy houses in the village.

This includes 12 at Manor Park, 30 in Ford Crescent, and 24 in St. John's Drive.

Manor Park

Manor Park in the early 1990's.

Development of the Langdon Road Industrial Estate started in 1980, where over twenty houses have been built.

More recently, eight houses have been constructed in Elizabeth Lea Close.

The Torridge District Council has asked the Parish Council for its observations upon a nomination for the residential development in Bradworthy. Accordingly the Council has requested that the site be know as 'Manor Park' (November 1978)


The Greenacres development

Since 1970 a number of houses have also been built along North Road (6), Mill Road (5), Holsworthy Road (3), and in Lower Village (5).

Elizabeth Lea Close

Elizabeth Lea Close

In 1985 Bradworthy was downgraded to 'Intermediate Status' within the Rural Development Scheme.

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