An Air Raid Precautions Committee was formed on April 1938 when the Rev. A.E. Dobson was elected warden.

The Methodist schoolroom was chosen as the first aid house.

Gas Masks
The Church Room was the Mecca of the great majority of parishioners when the fitting and measuring for gas masks took place.

The wardens carrying out these duties were the Rev. A.E. Dobson, Messrs A.F. Balsdon, W.J. Cory, A. Elliott, and C. Jenkins, and they were efficiently assisted by others.

An important meeting for all A.R.P. volunteers and others, is being arranged for Friday April 21 and will be held in the Assembly Room at 8pm. The agenda will include:
1. To arrange for a first aid house
2. To arrange for medical stores
3. Personnel to staff the house
4. Personnel for two utility squads
5. Personnel for two first aid parties
6. Arrangements for safety of schoolchildren (April 1938)

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