Plane crashes

In 1939 a De Havilland Queen Bee crashed into a farm building at Clements Down. A Queen Bee was a radio controlled version of the Tiger Moth aeroplane and was used for gunnery practice at the anti-aircraft ranges at Cleave Camp.

On 31st May 1943, in severe icy weather, a De Havilland Mosquito on a non-operational flight crashed at Lympscott Farm. The pilot was injured and the navigator was killed when his parachute failed to open.

On 29th October 1948 two Spitfires from Chivenor collided. One pilot bailed out over Hartland and landed in the sea, but was dragged under by his parachute. The other pilot was injured when he force landed in a field at Alfardisworthy - the plane was later dismantled and taken away.