Housing development from 1934 to 1975

In 1934 Mr. A. Roberts of Bradworthy and Mr. G. Jones of Sutcombe set up as Messrs Roberts and Jones, and were to be the main builders until they retired in 1975.

North Road

North Road in the 1930's.

Up to 1939 they built six new houses, erected several farm buildings and also undertook repairs and drainage work.

During the 1939-45 War some of their staff joined the Forces, the rest were kept busy constructing blackouts, repairs and farm buildings.

Two agricultural cottages were constructed in Mill Road during the War.

After 1945 Roberts and Jones built several houses in the area, but most of their work involved improving farm buildings, attaching water supplies to the mains, and general improvements.

The new council houses in Tucker's Park, North Road, are ready for occupation this month (the first four were occupied in April). The old name of the field, Tucker's Park, is being retained and designated to the new housing estate.

Thus will the name of one of Bradworthy's old families, now extinct, be perpetuated in this modern extension of the village. The Tuckers appear in the earliest records and one of the houses which stood on the site of the present Wade's Hotel was known was Tucker's House and Tenement. (July 1948)

The first two Council houses were built in 1944.

Tucker's Park

Tucker's Park in 1950.

The council housing estate at Tucker's Park began with fourteen Cornish Unit houses in 1948.

By 1970 there were forty.

Up to 1975 about forty more houses were built, mostly by outside builders.

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